King of Naps on a Queen sized bed. Hi, my name is Tommy. I make pixel art and other junk. Send me requests for things to make.

Advertising Major at Virginia Commonwealth University

RVA/NOVA. Skype: MattFnDamon

Friend Code 3711-7830-5084

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What’s in my bag? Only the essentials.

Adventure is over, now it’s workout time. 

Adventure day.

lowkey furry trash at VCU. 

Pt. 2 for anniversary project.

(Background animation) 


thanks for coming to the stream uwu/

have some chalkboard drawings that kami made for you


Progress work for anniversary post.

(based off Paul Robertson’s work)


source [X]


3Ds XL neko nyan cat case

Well, I just found one of Allison’s anniversary gifts. Thank you vaeporeons

Finally stuck to a workout routine and here’s the result after one month. I’ve lost a significant amount of belly fat and I’m starting to feel a lot more confident in myself.


Selfies night

Starring in order of appearence:

Dalinian Coon & darkeshi

Stylishly cute kaito90 & marxophone

A very angry garrothedog & hungry softgoatstuff

Duckface becomethedog & doberboy

Also Yukata Kami & badass End

Thank you all for coming to the stream uwu/

stream night!