King of Naps on a Queen sized bed. Hi, my name is Tommy. I make pixel art and other junk. Send me requests for things to make.

Advertising Major at Virginia Commonwealth University

RVA/NOVA. Skype: MattFnDamon

Friend Code 3711-7830-5084

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For doberboy, because my end of the trade is taking wayyy too long.

I’ll be honest, I was scrolling past and I saw this and was like “This looks really familiar for some reason” and then I realized. I love this! Thank you so much.

Anniversary gifts are here.

What’s in my bag? Only the essentials.

Adventure is over, now it’s workout time. 

Adventure day.

lowkey furry trash at VCU. 

Pt. 2 for anniversary project.

(Background animation) 


thanks for coming to the stream uwu/

have some chalkboard drawings that kami made for you


Progress work for anniversary post.

(based off Paul Robertson’s work)


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