King of Naps on a Queen sized bed. Hi, my name is Tommy. I make pixel art and other junk. Send me requests for things to make.

3rd Year Creative Advertising Major at Virginia Commonwealth University

RVA/NOVA. Skype: MattFnDamon

Friend Code 3711-7830-5084

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I remember when I was kindergarten my teacher used me and a girl as an example of how to compromise. She said something like: “What if Tommy wants to do a project on a dinosaur and Sally wants to do hers on unicorns?” And in my five year old mind I was like “bitch I don’t give a fuck about no damn dinosaurs, unicorns are dank as fuck”.

I never noticed how many freckles I have on my arms until I shaved them today.

I’m trying to fill the void left in my heart by the Swimming Anime by watching the Volleyball and Baseball anime.


Gambeezy the Tank Engine

Track: LFT
Artist: Quadron
Album: Avalanche


Quadron - LFT 

favorite shirt.

meimeigui has equally, if not cooler shirts, go follow.

Idea number one for tattoo.

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Dad, there’s a pink alien boy living in my room.

is anyone out there?

ryan-is-a-jerk asked: Hey fogman, may I grip a cig?

Track: Sober
Artist: Childish Gambino
Album: Kauai