King of Naps on a Queen sized bed. Hi, my name is Tommy. I make pixel art and other junk. Send me requests for things to make.

3rd Year Creative Advertising Major at Virginia Commonwealth University

RVA/NOVA. Skype: MattFnDamon

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I was so worried about submitting my essay today that I didn’t realize until now that I forgot something really important on it and I just emailed my professor about it. I feel like curling up and crying for the rest of the night.

I’m going to make a comic about a Pink Alien boy who lives inside a Super Nintendo.

Track: Endless Fantasy
Artist: Anamanaguchi
Album: Endless Fantasy


Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi

I posted this about a month ago and ended up deleting it. However since the album drops soon I feel like I should repost it.

Track: Brother
Artist: Gerard Way
Album: Hesitant Alien

I’d like to thank all the furries, pop punk kids, and people who like Yung Lean for following me.

and those 3 gay porn blogs.

I did it.

lock-wolf and svondir have been pretty rad dudes lately and have been helping me out in MH3U. 

Track: 거절할게 (Wicked)
Artist: 태민 (TAEMIN)
Album: The 1st Mini Album `ACE`